Welcome to The Warden Lands, a world given life by evil, given shape by vengeance, and given hope by Her people. The moon named ‘Aos’, upon which you shall discover The Warden Lands, is a sentient being; a tormented soul with a harrowing tale that only now shows a glimpse of promise.

The demons and devils that defiled Her for millennia have been dealt with, sent back to Hell in a cataclysm of retribution. Their slaves, the bastard children born of their fiendish magic mixed with the earth of Aos, remain, and have inherited the land. Now they build civilizations, build religions and build new wars.

With the spirit of Aos in their veins, the slave-races have aspired to great things, but old evils remain. The corruption of Aos’s heartlands was so complete that Her core still festers with malevolence. Those that walk those ancient battlegrounds can feel the hatred in the earth, and it taints them, if not to malice, then to madness. Entire nations form around these poisoned lands and new evil is woven.

Aos awaits. From Her savage wastelands, to Her fertile plains, majestic cities to tangled woods, the open seas and the mysterious dark lands beyond. On the eve of a new age of exploration, discovery, and conflict, what part shall you play?

The Warden Lands

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