Renstake is a Human boom town built upon gemstones mined from the Realmheld Chain in Northern Ul-Takra.

Infringing upon traditional Nari grounds. The ground lost to Renstake is actually of relatively small significance to the Nari, but ancient forests surround the town, and the Humans aren’t as respectful of the Old Trees as they should be.

Governed by Baron Wolhem, an aging and eccentric renegade of The Kingdom of Norheim. His ruthless daughter stands tallest amongst a litter of ambitious heirs. He has a large and loyal retinue of knights (The Nachtkreed).

Kobolds have a substantial population within the Realmheld Chain. Golemruns thread through the mountain between cities and the Kobolds have established a new and lucrative trade link between Ul-Takran Tanarikin and Renstake Humans. Tanarikin sell exotic animal furs, mammoth ivory, and powerful potions, balms and artwork in exchange mostly for steel weapons and armour.

The Kobold powers-that-be have always been on top of the Renstake situation, and were happy to let the Humans mine the mountains and establish a township. Now that relationships have been cemented and the Humans are reliant upon the Kobold trade networks, the Kobolds are going to enforce certain restrictions upon the mining…

The gorge in which Renstake now stands was created by a subterranean river that once drained water from the western highlands. The tunnel ceiling collapsed and the vast rubble was, over time, eroded by the sea and outflow of the river. Another collapse much further upstream cut off the river supply almost altogether and caused the rainwater to be diverted to what is now the Whitewater River.

The Kobolds of the city of Makara (some 60 miles northwest of Renstake) are trying to forge an agreement with the Humans to clear the tunnel of rubble and undesirables and form a lucrative trade run from their cavelands to the sea.

To this end, there is no shortage of adventurers passing through Renstake’s Maw, though most are washed back as corpses.


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