The Warden Lands

10 - Escape the Dungeons!
The heroes rescue Sigrid and Agven, adopt an Asuran and are framed for murder

Aaaz and Cale crept up the cold, stone steps to join the geomancer and see for themselves what lay beyond. A deep prison, wrought in stone and aglow with the fiery light of four great braziers chained to its ceiling. At its centre stood an observation tower with a narrow horizontal window cut through it.

“Sigrid?” Vetch’s guttural whisper dared into the prison. A startled response from around the tower confirmed his assumption and he moved, as quietly as he was able, around and across the open jailhouse floor to his friend. As he crept passed a cell a crazed man’s voice called out from within to alert the guards to this intruder. From within the turret a gruff voice called the old man to silence, threatening him with a sound beating, but his warnings did nothing to thwart the geriatric.

Cale prepared for the inevitable. The heavy latching on the tower door echoed throughout the prison and with a hefty creak it opened, giving way to an irritable Nachtkreed, sword in hand. Cale paused just a moment, enough for the guard to be a step from his tower, before charging. A heavy crack to the skull sent the Nachtkreed careening into the tower wall.

Aaaz put Magidar’s lurid green boots to immediate use and sprang across the room to aid Cale. In a dazzling display not witnessed since the battle beneath the Reinstihl Manor, the ungainly wizard charged his fist with lightning in mid-air before bringing it down upon the guard, leaving him thunderstruck. The broadsword of the Nachtkreed fell from his spasmodic grasp and his last failed attempt to strike Cale was met with a sickening riposte from the Knight’s pommel.

With the old convict’s screeching unabated Cale was forced to silence him with a sling stone, while Vetch scurried back to Sigrid. Here he discovered Caretaker Agven was also imprisoned down in this dungeon. The priest asked for his freedom and also that of a fellow prisoner, an Asuran man in a nearby cell.

Aaaz briefly toyed with a Tanarikin captive before turning his attention to the tower, searching for keys to free Sigrid. Inside the tower he found an array of levers rather than keys and quickly set about heaving the one corresponding to Sigrid’s cell. Vetch ran to the Wizard to help with the heavy levers, stating a further two cells needed opening. As they hauled the handles down, the cylindrical cage at the centre of the tower began to lift; a great chain mechanism clanking and straining.

Sensing reinforcements were on the way, Cale rounded up the freed prisoners and herded them back to the staircase. Vetch sent a gemstone arcing up to meet the elevator as it returned to the prison floor, now full of Nachtkreed, but it did little more than shock the guards within. He ran to join Cale and the others leaving Aaaz with one final task. When the Nachtkreed were but twenty feet from the floor, the wizard threw the lever for the Tanarikin’s pen before bolting for the sewers. As he fled he caught a fleeting glimpse of the predatory demonspawn, creeping to the tower with murder in his eyes.

Aaaz led the party through the sewers to an alley near Eriam’s hideout in the slums. There they regrouped and shared stories and suspicions, fear and woe. Sigrid was informed by Cale of her parents demise, and the Asura was introduced to the group. Akura was a cousin to Jai and was in Renstake to find the slayer of his kin.

Meanwhile Vetch staked-out the perimeter of their shelter. Mere moments after his companions had entered Eriam’s attic, none other than Jonas, the thug from Keelhauled, came sniffing around like a sewer-rat. The geomancer confronted Jonas with a gemstone glowing in a clenched fist and a snarl on his muzzle, but Jonas was less brave without his bar-mates in tow, and he fled into the slums too quick for the kobold to chase.

He returned to his companions and announced their safehaven was anything but safe. The party agreed to move on and after some debate, chose Lord Andar Swift’s estate as the best sanctuary.

A path along the precarious steps of Constitution Way and then along the outskirts of Clifftop was taken to get to Castle Swift, where the party was greeted first by the congenial squire Darius, and then the less friendly step-son of Andar, Syle. Syle protested the incursion but was helpless to thwart Caretaker Agven’s presence. Syle’s wife, and daughter to Andar, Vanessa, also tried to stall Cale and his companions but was forced to relent. Before long, Cale, Agven and Akura were by Lord Swift’s side, the priest bringing light and warmth to the dying man.

Agven noted there had been poison in Andar’s blood, and warned the Lord to surround himself with trusted allies. This began a long conversation into the night wherein the plight of Renstake was discussed at length. Agven pointed the finger at Baron Wolhem, knowing he controlled the Nachtkreed and that the Nachtkreed were deeply entrenched in this conspiracy. The Caretaker, enraged by the desecration of his church, the poisoning of his city and the bloodshed on those who rose to protect them, made a pact with the heroes; he would do all he could to resurrect Umbar and A’ari so they might rise against their slayers and continue the fight for their people. This was no small feat however, and he would need the remains of the fallen bodies as well as his papal crown to proceed with the ceremony. He gave directions to the church’s treasury as well as a password to gain secret access.

The next morning was broken by the clanging of bells brought on sinister winds from Renstake. Aaaz understood the rhythm of the bells to indicate the death of a monarch, and a sense of dread washed over the party.

After Akura had equipped himself from Swift’s armoury and Aaaz and Vetch had rested and meditated, the party of four descended into Renstake again. They planned to contact Aaaz’s university friend, Lychor, and entreat him to act as advisor and protector to Lord Swift. Also they wanted to dig up information around the city regarding the recent underhandedness of the Nachtkreed and the Church. All this intention was stopped dead in its tracks with a single parchment, nailed fresh to a Cryer’s Post in the slums, which announced Baron Wolhem had been murdered in his sleep by five assassins. A price of 1000 pieces of gold was now on the heads of A’ari, Aaaz, Vetch and Cale, and the head of Umbar was already taken and staked outside the city dungeons.

Dread amplified to terror as the grey city closed in around them.

09 - The Waste
A violent series of encounters in and around the Renstake sewers results in the loss of two party members

In the catacombs beneath Renstake, where a variety of human effluent converges, the adventurers held fast the unscrupulous merchant and murderer, Magidar. “I Yield!” he cried to the pack of hungry predators as they circled and fell upon him, binding his hands and preparing to dine on succulent vengeance.

The magician, Aaaz, had a spell of charming already prepared and delivered it upon Magidar, forcing him into obedience and readying him for inquisition. But despite the wizard’s directions that their captive not be intimidated lest the spell be ruined, A’ari couldn’t contain his fervour and in his next breath threatened the merchant, bringing him back to his senses.

Magidar already felt his life was forfeit and was reluctant to share information, especially when his pleas for protection were bartered down to the relative mercy of a quick death. As he begged for his life, Umbar and A’ari heard a man’s whispers emanating from the tunnel beyond the grate but his words were strange and incomprehensible. The whispers were obscured by Magidar who started howling in morbid terror. Presuming the whispers were a spell sent to render the merchant’s mind useless, Umbar grabbed Magidar’s head in his enormous paw and thrust it back into the wall, knocking him out instantly.

A’ari had meanwhile been using the merchant’s keys to unlock the grate, though something unseen still held it tight. A firm shunt of Cale’s broad shoulders sent it flying on its hinges and the Satyr and the Scourge charged into the darkened tunnel, hoping to catch a man they hoped might be Sanabalat. A’ari darted along the sewer path and spotted a hunched and cloaked figure on the opposite bank. He hurled his torch at the man, setting the hem of his robes aflame, but the garment was quickly discarded as the figure shrouded himself instead in invisibility. Cale leapt across the river of waste and sprinted along the far side but after coming to a second locked grate at the end of the tunnel, it seemed apparent that the man had somehow escaped.

Umbar dragged the unconscious Magidar back towards the bakery basement and in the darkness plied the merchant with alcohol in an attempt to revive him. Magidar awoke but was still reeling from terror and in a barely coherent ramble enforced that trouble stemmed from the Church but that the Church itself was not the enemy. As the fear took hold again he begged for death before taking matters into his own hand and slamming his head repeatedly into the stonework, spilling his blood and then his life onto the cobblestones.

Aaaz joined the Nari and picked over the merchant’s magical necklace and boots, happily discovering the footwear expanded to accommodate his oversized feet. Once pillaged, the body was hoisted up by Umbar and taken up through the bakery and out into the street for all to see. A crowd of scared and bewildered onlookers gathered and soon a pair of Nachtkreed guards was on the scene.

The guards seemed highly suspicious of the Nari and dismounted their horses, drew swords and approached. They exchanged a knowing glance and a calculated nod and stepped in to attack, giving Umbar scant time to prepare a defence. The baker meanwhile had crept behind Umbar and pushed him beyond the doorway of his shop with the end of a broom before hastily slamming and locking the glass door. Umbar was flanked by experienced swordsmen who quickly cut him open. As the great Nari kicked out at the door behind him trying desperately to find an escape the Nachtkreed hacked mercilessly; a savage slice across Umbar’s belly doubled him over and a mighty overhead sweep severed his head clean. Umbar was dead.

Aaaz and Vetch had given chase as soon as the painful bellow of Umbar hailed from the streets but they charged into the shopfront only in time to see their friend collapse. Aaaz fled back into the tunnels, gathering the wailing Kobold in his arms.

Unaware of the tragedy unraveling above, Cale and A’ari scoured the stinking sewers for any signs of the missing mage. A’ari cast another spell of detection, this time for secret doors, and lo and behold a near-invisible portal revealed itself. The pair felt for some kind of trigger to open the door and eventually happened across a small protruding button. A gentle push and the secret door gave way.

A’ari delved into the blackness, keen to scout ahead while Cale stayed and waited for his companions. In the long, featureless tunnels the Satyr scoured for Sanbalat but found no trace. His search came to a head in an eerie stone chamber, littered with skeletal remains and otherwise empty save for a pair of black double doors at the far end with two stone columns at either side. On closer investigation A’ari saw that the columns were made of rotating cubes decorated with diabolic runes, which could be twisted to make different combinations. A button, not unlike the one on the secret door in the sewers, presented itself upon the doors and the cleric, with no small measure of imprudence, pushed it.

A colossal, fiery explosion erupted within the room, obliterating A’ari, reducing his earthly form to little more than smouldering, ashen remains.

Once united, Cale, Vetch and Aaaz had little time to grieve over Umbar as the distant explosion in the tunnels foretold further disaster. They each broke into a sprint and chased after A’ari, ultimately finding the stone room in which he found his final fate.

Fearing that the secret door in the sewers would now be blocked by Nachtkreed, the trio set about revealing the correct combination of the demonic columns to open the double doors before them. Vetch placed his hands on the stone and used a Geomantric technique of Recall to ‘hear’ the history of the rock and thereby find the correct sequence. Though the process was largely successful, the recent explosion made it hard for the Kobold to be certain of his findings, but after narrowing it down to a 1-in-4 chance of success, the party agreed to at least try.

Aaaz was able to conjure a Mage Hand to press the button itself, keeping the group mostly out of harm’s way, but when the first attempt failed the size of the explosion caught him by surprise and sent him flying. The terrible burns he suffered were enough to convince him now was a bad time to continue the experiment, and Aaaz found a conveniently depressing patch of dark, wet catacomb to sulk in, but Vetch and Cale were undeterred!

An arrangement was forged in which Vetch would send sling bullets flying at the button and Cale would leap to cover the Kobold in the event of another explosion. As the target was so small and the room so long, Vetch struggled to find the target, and even when he did first strike the button, success was rewarded with a fireball. This time the knight and the geomancer were at least able to dive away in time. Bolstered by the ever-increasing odds, they continued…

The next attempt on the door was successful! The heavy stone door lifted, presenting a dark, rising staircase. Vetch, gifted with darkvision, slunk up the cold, stone steps in pitch dark and near silence, to find an enclosed panoptical prison at the top. Whispers reverberated through the jail, borne of familiar voices.

08 - Unravelled
Nefarious plots are brought to light as the party investigates around Renstake

Cale, having spent the morning with Lord Andar Swift, pushed through an icy wind to the Academy of Arcana. The four black towers of the college rose before him, the impossibly high spires tormented with vaporous tendrils of dark clouds. As he crossed the courtyard he heard shouts of desperation and instinctively quickened his pace. A trail of panicked students led him directly to his companions.

In the university’s observatory Umbar, Vetch, A’ari and Aaaz had their quarry pinned to the marble floor. The murderer Rune Gulbrand, disguised in the magical visage of a young acolyte, was held fast, but he screamed not for mercy but their trust. “We must flee! We’re on the same side! I can take you to I’aeia!!”. The adventurers were thrown by Rune’s pleading and with a contingent of armed guards and wizards fast approaching they even began a hasty retreat. Rune coerced Cale into opening a secret passage out of the observatory and the party made for the descending staircase beyond, but the pursuing magicians cast forth a net of viscous silken webs that caught them in their tracks.

A heated exchange ignited between the adventurers and the wizards and although the heroes absolved themselves of any wrongdoing it seemed inevitable that Rune was destined for the city dungeons, a prisoner of Renstake and not the Curatic Church.

Unwilling to let Rune out of their sights Vetch, A’ari, Cale and Aaaz accompanied him to the cells at Baron Wolhem’s Keep, with Umbar going alone to explain proceedings to Caretaker Agven. Along the way Rune was able to catch Aaaz’s attention and silently direct him to a note hidden in his cloak; a page torn from an encyclopedia of arcane artefacts and specifically detailing a Gem of True Seeing.

In the dungeons the party was permitted to speak with Rune but the madman could only weave a piecemeal and implausible tale of conspiracy, lost minds, evil magicians and Blood. He did drop one name familiar to the group however; ‘Eriam’.

Before leaving the Academy, Umbar returned to the offices of the city gazette to enquire after his manuscript. The editor was delighted with his work and signed him on as a freelance fictioneer. Somewhat chuffed, the bard headed for the Church of the Holy Embrace to meet with Agven. Unfortunately, Caretaker Agven had apparently taken ill and the monks beneath him only served to thwart any attempts for his audience. He rejoined with the others and together they discussed a course of action.

It was decided that Agven must be consulted, sick or not, and their reward for capturing Rune granted. A second attempt to talk with the Caretaker was even less successful, with the whole party gaining only derision for their discourteous insistence. Again they were turned away.

Aaaz had decided to wait outside the church grounds while the others blundered within, and was approached by the familiar, knowing voice of Eriam. She enquired after Rune and to some extent sympathized with the murderous illusionist. Eriam seemed to be more a part of this than they knew and she sought the party’s further cooperation in what seemed treacherous affairs at hand. A meeting the next morning was agreed upon and the adventurers departed for the homely warmth of a dockside tavern.

Over dinner they were joined by Lychor (Aaaz’s magician friend from the university) to further discuss the Gem of True Seeing. Coincidentally, Lychor was currently working on such a device but was having great trouble distilling his creation into a gemstone.

Most retired to their quarters early and nightwatch was shared by Cale, Vetch and Umbar.

The next morning and the party made for Keelhauled, the designated meeting place with Eriam. The looming clouds of yesterday had blown away to reveal an open azure sky but the Wintery Gate brought little warmth to the streets.

Eriam led the group through back alleys to the shambling ruin of a tavern in the slummish north quarter of town. Here in the filthy attic of the tenement they found Rune’s accommodation, and on a large iron-wrought bed, I’aeia. The comatose Nari was staring blankly into space, a rivulet of drool draining from his cracked lips into his matted fur… Eriam began to explain all she knew.

She had grown up with Rune and possibly even loved him once, but that was a long time ago. He had developed quickly into an angry young man and became quite militantly anti-humanity, despising his own kind and choosing to align himself with the Nari of the northern woods instead. It was in such communities that he met I’aeia, a Nari who shared his hatred for the invaders from the east.

They began a long and enduring friendship which intensified when they sighted a Renstake smuggling vessel delivering arms to a Tanarikin encampment on the northern fringe. They tailed the boat back to the city and immediately set about unveiling those involved. Two main antagonists were revealed; the illusionist Sanbalat and Captain Grimm. For weeks the pair plundered for information on the smugglers but to no avail, til one night I’aeia went alone to chase a lead. He left a note saying he’d gone to the Church of the Holy Embrace to follow Sanbalat, who he believed was in a close relationship with Caretaker Agven. The Nari was missing for three days and later found by I’aeia wandering the streets of Renstake as a mindless zombie.

Rune was enraged, but didn’t have nearly enough information to seek retribution. Convinced he had to repair the mind of I’eaia, he set about casting magic beyond his measure, fueled with Blood. The procedure, needless to say, was far from successful. Rune mostly erased his own memories and replaced them with a jumble of displaced and incoherent ramblings of his Nari friend. He left Renstake confused and freshly addicted to Blood, drawn inextricably to the northern lands of the Nari.

He didn’t regain his own mind until some months later, when the Asura of Pincers Cove repaired him. Apparently Rune implored the Asura to help his friend I’aeia but Jai refused, and in a Blood-fury he slayed the psionicist.

And now Rune was back in Renstake. Realising he had no means of helping I’aeia he turned his attention to revealing the evil presence he was convinced dwelled in the Curatic Church. He was in the university researching a device of seeing through all illusions in an attempt to uncover those behind the smuggling operation.

As Eriam’s story came to a close, an alarm bell rang out from the south side of town signaling a distant fire. Attention was turned to the view from the attic hatches and across the cityscape the adventurers saw a dark plume billowing from the Thorgerson mansion.

The heroes leapt into action.

A long, exhausting sprint across the city brought them to the smouldering ruin of the manor. Cale barged in through a locked and barred door and fought through the flames to find the bodies of Uthcroft and his wife motionless in their burning bed with throats slit. A’ari soon accompanied the knight and helped bring his friend to safety as the building all but collapsed around them.

As Umbar arrived at the scene he suspiciously scanned the crowd, his black eyes coming to rest on none other than Magidar the merchant and Gral, Sigrid’s butler, engaged in a heated dispute in a nearby alleyway. The Nari drew Aaaz’s attention to the pair and made for the rear of the alley in hope of surrounding their prey. Aaaz sent his familiar Snowl to the sky to keep track of events and slowly moved forward.

Something alerted Magidar to the encroaching assailants and in a seamless arc he sliced across Gral’s throat and then leapt with unnatural power onto the tenement rooftops that lined the street. All gave chase. Umbar heaved himself fist over fist up a drainpipe to pursue the murderous merchant. Aaaz empowered his own legs with magical springing, and bound to the rooftops as well. A’ari sprinted along the streets beneath Magidar hurling spells to thwart his escape as Cale whistled for Firemane to aid his chase. Vetch, who was only now drawing on the scene, was alerted to Magidar and drew a flaming stone from his pouch that exploded on the merchant, stalling him momentarily.

The pursuit continued across rooftops, over streets, through buildings and into hidden tunnels beneath the city where A’ari finally caught the fleeing merchant and pinned him to a grating. The others soon joined to submit Magidar who screamed nought but “I Yield!”

07 - Sick in the City
The afflicted heroes return Sigrid to her home and search Renstake for I'aeia and clues about the smuggling racket

Dawn encroached upon ‘The Fork n’ Foxes’ tavern and crept off unnoticed by the slumbering travellers, who woke awhile later to hammering fists of the furious publican on their quarter’s door. The innkeeper was somewhat put-out by the wreckage and devastation left in his tavern by the nocturnal rampaging of the adventurers and came seeking compensation. His quotes of reimbursement seemed somewhat overblown by Vetch’s calculations but his negotiations were ignored til Umbar interjected with a measured threat. Swayed by the towering Nari, the man accepted the offered 5 pieces of gold and bid the party an unfond farewell.

Cale, Vetch and Umbar were feeling the filthrot coursing through them worse than ever. A’ari was keen to rest further that morning and suggested taking a room in the adjacent inn but Cale could be delayed no longer from his mission; Sigrid Thorgerson was to be returned to Renstake today. The wagon was hitched, all clambered aboard, and the wayfarers rejoined the North Road.

Sharing the road with miners, merchants and mercenaries, the group made quick time to Renstake’s sister-town of Clifftop and headed directly for the Gateway, a taxed tunnel descending into the city below. Once in the city proper, surrounded by unwelcoming Nachtkreed patrols and beggars, a path was forged along the Kobold Quarter and south into the affluent section of town, straight for the Thorgerson mansion. Umbar however separated from the group to immediately seek Caretaker Agven in the Church of the Holy Embrace and hopefully find a cure to the filthrot.

Meanwhile, the party found the surprisingly unkempt and spartan abode of Sigrid and her small family. A belligerent butler eventually yielded to the party and soon Uthcroft and his daughter were reunited. Uthcroft showed obvious surprise and relief and offered reward to the heroes, but with their promise of secrecy regarding Sigrid’s return. Cale was at this point coughing up blood, so dire had his infection become, and the group departed to join Umbar at the Church.

Umbar had quickly found himself in the esteemed company of Caretaker Agven and after delivering an impassioned psalm of Curatic scripture was escorted to the church’s hospice for treatment. This is where the others discovered him shortly after. Upon revealing Curator Helmsward’s scroll, Agven took an interest in the party’s potential and, after hearing their pleas for healing, offered an exchange of their services in return for his curative powers. He wanted Rune Gulbrand (the man they know as I’aeia) brought before him for exorcism.

The adventurers were unappreciative of the holy man’s transaction-based charity but, as they intended on seeking out I’aeia anyway, agreed to Agven’s terms on the condition that they be granted at least temporary reprieve from their illness. A night spent in the hospice saw to this and the next morning the group woke in the prime of health.

Aaaz chose to spend the night not in the hospice (himself remaining unafflicted by filthrot) but in the familiar surrounds of the Academy of Arcana; Renstake’s university of magic. Here he caught up with an old friend who he regaled with tales from afar in exchange for local gossip.

After regrouping the party set off into the morning to investigate the dockyards. Cale felt it necessary to instead return to his Lord, Andar Swift, and explain his absence as well as seek out local news from the keep. So the others made for a tavern which Rune Gulbrand was known for frequenting months prior named ‘Keelhauled’. The dingy, miserable, stinking tavern was silent, despite a hunched procession of permanently affixed drunkards supporting the main bar. Vetch went about integrating with the locals, with limited success. A’ari patrolled the outside from an adjacent alleyway and Umbar and Aaaz did their best to not look out-of-place in the seedy district.

The tavern was soon joined by a host of two dozen dockworkers as a clanging bell from the jetties signaled lunch. The rough-as-guts dockers took no time rousing conflict with the strangers… The Captain (Umbar’s golden cutlass) was spotted and called out as belonging to Captain Grimm, a true and noble mariner whose blade had no place in the filthy paws of a primitive. Umbar was surrounded by the thugs and a noxious air of violence smothered the room. Vetch preempted proceedings with a tankard-attack on the unaware spectator that was the barman; a fumbling swing that missed its mark. Though it was a poor gambit, war had been waged.

Surprisingly it had taken almost an entire day for the party to get into a barfight.

Vetch continued his failed flailings upon the barman while Umbar was quickly overrun. Aaaz, in the typically theatrical stylings of an 80s hair-metal god, cast his palms to the sky and invoked a peal of thunder that A’ari augmented with a cacophonous sound burst, terrifying the dockers and sending almost all scattering. The bar went very quiet save for the whimpering of the bully who initially confronted Umbar, now held fast by the Nari. As Umbar sat the man down and prepared to interrogate him the tavern was met with the approaching laughter of a woman; a swashbuckling lady applauding the adventurers’ prowess and delighting in the downfall of Jonas the bully. Vetch served the woman a drink and exchanged pleasantries, garnering the name ‘Eriam’, but further discussions were caught short by A’ari, signaling the arrival of a Nachtkreed patrol on the scene. The party hastily made for the window and to the alley beyond, though not before Eriam could call out. She wanted to meet the party again, saying she had information they might find useful…

Umbar had managed to get something out of Jonas before their escape. Captain Grimm worked for a man called Sejen Curl, a spice trader who owned The Sea Ghost. It wasn’t much to go on but the adventurers agreed to chase it up at the Academy’s library. This tied in neatly with Umbar’s ambition of publishing his latest semi-autobiographical piece in the local gazette, a paper published from the university.

In the Academy of Arcana the party went about searching the vast underground library for all manner of clues. Who was Sejen Curl? Who was Uthcroft? Did he have anything to do with Baron Wolhem? Who was next in line for the Barony? Aaaz summoned his best investigative skills and the others quickly realized why he might have flunked out of university.

As Umbar delighted in perusing the archives he couldn’t help but notice a familiar aroma in the air… the distinct scent of stale blood that conjured memories of I’aeia. The smell grew stronger at the approach of a young female mage, and Umbar grew suspicious. He questioned the girl and she backed away from the imposing Nari, but as she left the library aisle and disappeared around the corner she mentioned his name with a smile.

Umbar let out a call to arms and turned the corner only to find a wall of bookshelves where none had been. As Vetch, A’ari and Aaaz ran to the scene they found the same blockade of books. Aaaz summoned magic beyond his reckoning and brought down the illusion and the group gave chase to the fleeing girl.

Up a flight of stairs and A’ari scanned for evil as the magician scanned for magic. After a brief false-alarm they both honed-in on the figure of a girl and resumed the hunt. The group confronted the girl (now cloaked in magical invisibility) in the observatory; a gigantic glass-domed building peeking through the courtyard above and to the heavens. A’ari ran with Satyran speed at the girl and leapt on her, pinning her to the ground. Vetch deduced where the invisible figure was and scrambled to add his weight to the pile-on while Aaaz attempted to rope her down. As the might of Umbar imposed itself on the scene, the girl’s escape seemed futile.

06 - Traitors and Assassins
I'aeia turns on the party and the journey to Renstake begins

Night fell upon the hamlet of Pincers Cove and the heroes settled into their bunks at The Inn of the Shipwrecked Dawn, coughing, wheezing and spluttering. Vetch suffered a midnight visitation from a Blood-addled I’aeia, who crept into the Kobold’s cabin under the silent veil of magic. The mad conjurer rummaged through Vetch’s gear before fleeing, and though the others were quickly woken to pursue the mage, they could find no sign of him.

Vetch decided the next morning to accompany his friends to Renstake and take up the pursuit of I’aeia, as well as help return Sigrid Thorgerson to her family and deliver Helmsward’s scroll to Caretaker Agven. The party took up the road south.

A day’s travel brought them to the small township of Northrun, where they rudely interrupted a traditional tug-o-war between the farmers and the miners. Cale quickly went about smoothing over the situation as best he might, but the others were in no mood, or fit-state, for socialising and instead made preparations for the night’s accommodations.

That night four assassins encroached upon the tavern in which the heroes slept, seemingly hunting for Sigrid. A long and dangerous skirmish broke out in the town’s streets but eventually the adventurers pulled through, though no assassins were left to question and no clues were left to reveal their identity.

05 - Return to the Reinstihl Manor
The secret of Jorgan Reinstihl is uncovered and Filthrot sets in

A’ari’s illuminated copper piece rolled and skipped and plunged down each wooden step, chasing shadows into the recesses of the smuggler’s quarters below. The cellar was devoid of life but resonated with a familiar dread aura. One by one they descended into the ghostly pall, a reluctant inevitability guiding them, pulling them towards that door, that boarded portal, that surreal nightmare. The Nari drew forth a hammer and with an arcing swing battered the boarded planks, a violent riposte to the mounting fear. And then it was open.

A torch was cast into the gloom beyond and revealed a crypt-like chamber with high vaulted ceilings and a human figure laying motionless at the far end, blanketed in black robes and heaped at the centre of an unholy symbol, ten feet across and radiating evil. With utmost caution they entered the room but for A’ari, I’aeia and Umbar the rancid stench of putrefied meat was too strong and drove them back, gagging for the door. Cale, sword-drawn with anticipation, moved to the body. It was a human man, emaciated and decorated with strange tattoos and piercings, with a wide-eyed and horrified countenance frozen on his face. As Cale took in his surroundings he noticed arcane symbols painted on the arched ceiling above, a handful of black candles melted into wax puddles beneath, and a stoic, still burning candle at the centre of the symbol on the cobblestones before him. The larger-than-life wizard, Aaaz, seemed shrunken in the chamber, and quietly inspected the runes to no avail. Moments passed as the others outside gathered their reeling senses and sheathed their faces in rags to filter the noxious fumes, then they rejoined Cale and Aaaz within.

The group gathered around the body and prepared to examine more closely but as soon as the corpse was even slightly disturbed it contorted and shook. Umbar, with arrow cocked and aimed at the ready, panicked and snapped the bowstring. Cale brought down his sword in a maddened swing and nearly shattered his blade upon the stones. As ill-fortune grasped the heroes the twisted man’s jaw cracked and tore and he vomited forth a bilious liquid that defied gravity and congealed upon the ceiling. A’ari clutched at his holy breastplate and for a moment dispersed the gathering ooze but it soon pulled together and took the shape of a foul, obese demon with a massive and open, razor-toothed maw.

The rotund magician Aaaz had quickly prepared a spell of leaping and in a swashbuckling display of acrobatics he bounded to meet the beast mid-air, pummeling it square in the belly with an electrically-charged uppercut. The demon lurched to the ground and responded with a sinister pole-axe, cutting down the wizard with one fell swoop. In seconds, the Satyr cleric was by his side.

With lightning speed the demon turned upon the Nari and channeled a fear so pure and white that it paralysed the bard completely. Then all went black as the hellspawn cast a magical darkness into the chamber.

I’aeia, previously wrestling with his own ineptitude and the task of destroying the candle, now found an opportunity to vent his frustrations. With an arcane word and a flicker of fingers the demon was engulfed in dancing light, breaking the darkness and offering a target for the blinded heroes.

Cale went toe-to-toe with the wretched abomination, the magical cutlass glowing in his hands but struggling to find blood. In the end it was a plain old sling bullet, cast from the hand of the revived wizard Aaaz, that struck down the vile demon. The room shook with death throes and slowly, with retreating screams of torment, returned to calm, the only sounds the gasping for breath of the exhausted adventurers.

With that the group itself dispersed. A’ari, Cale and Aaaz headed upstairs to confirm their hopes that the malicious presence in the house was truly vanquished. Umbar and I’aeia searched the unholy shrine, with the Nari finding another secret door, this one leading into the laboratory of Jorgan Reinstihl.

The afternoon crept in as the party uncovered the secrets of the mansion. Jorgan had been an ambitious alchemist whose luck took a turn for the worse and whose failed dreams drove him to despair and then madness. His creation of a Philosophers Stone was supposed to unravel the mysteries of alchemy but the marble brought nothing but misfortune and Jorgan ultimately went insane and butchered his family before killing himself. How this sad tale involved the smugglers or the demonic presence of the mansion was uncertain, but the heroes had at least accomplished their original mission, and with no small measure of accomplishment they set out to return to Pincers Cove.

As they left the mansion they happened across Magidar the merchant, who showed great pleasure at seeing the valorous adventurers. But the group was deeply suspicious of the man’s intentions; why was he here? why was he trading in exactly the same wares as the smugglers? and why did he flash with evil intent earlier that day as A’ari cast his magic across him? Either Magidar was innocent or remarkably quick-witted, for he seemed to have an answer for everything.

  • * * * *

Anteaus, the vast white planet, heaved into the chill evening sky while far below, at The Inn of the Shipwrecked Dawn, the Council of Pincers Cove gathered with their hired men to hear their account of the last ten days. It was a finely woven tale of Cale’s that enraptured the Council, but the atmosphere waned as the smugglers were revealed and dissolved further when Magidar was implicated as being in liege with them. Magidar continued to plead innocence and eventually grew angry at the allegations, departing the cabin early with contempt in his bulging eyes.

The following day brought severe illness to all but Aaaz. The knight and the bard were bed-ridden but A’ari had energy enough to return to the mansion and ensure it was in fact clear of evil. He was soon joined by Curator Helmsward who sanctified the building and was taken on a tour of the estate to see the terrible story unravel again.

Satisfied with the success of the adventurers, the Council met again and distributed the reward to the heroes in a deeply awkward presentation. A’ari wanted the money to go back into the community but, unlike Cale, couldn’t bring himself to trust Helmsward to share it out amongst his flock. I’aeia greedily took his platinum pieces and ran off for his therapy session with the Asura, Jai, and Vetch and Aaaz bickered over risk and reward and deeds and entitlements until everyone backed away uncomfortably.

So the evil of the alchemist’s estate was banished but the mansion raised more questions than it would answer. The adventurers found themselves burdened with the plight of the Nari, tasked with the safe return of Sigrid Thorgerson to Renstake and with a sealed scroll to deliver to Caretaker Agven of the Holy Embrace Church. All this and most everyone was infected with Filthrot, a necrotic and potentially fatal disease administered in the stinking bilges of The Sea Ghost.

04 - The Long Walk Home
The party travels through Nari villages, adds a boisterous mage to their numbers and returns to the Reinstihl Mansion

In the freezing forests of northwestern Ul-Takra the adventurers desperately huddled together for warmth and long-deprived slumber, but the wind and sleet were relentless and uncaring. Only the shaggy-haired Nari found any sleep.

Now in their company was the diminutive, terrified form of the pirate-ship prisoner, Sigrid, who claimed to be of noble birth and the daughter of Uthcroft Thorgerson, a prominent lord of Renstake and not unknown to the knight, Cale. She begged to be returned to her family and ensured a reward must be at stake.

Morning brought some respite from the harsh conditions and our beleaguered heroes discussed whether to break camp immediately and set off for Seyoke or stay awhile and rest. Further recuperation was decided upon and the group went in search of a better camp.

Umbar broke from the others and cut his own path, one that was bisected by foreign footprints on his return. Close inspection indicated fellow Nari but the tracks disappeared at a small creek and Umbar’s quarry remained a mystery… though not for long.

The eccentric illusionist I’aeia was, at the time, trying in vain to commune with nature but his endeavours were thwarted by a Nari intrusion. A white ranger, bow drawn and arrow cocked, hailed the magician and called him to surrender, an act which I’aeia felt unnecessary. The short-lived conversation was somewhat resolved when the arrow found itself embedded in I’aeia’s belly, but the mage’s heartfelt whimpers of agony were heard by Cale and Vetch and the distant Umbar, who all made haste to join the dispute.

Cale was struck down mid-stride from a second ranger’s arrow and collapsed into blood-smeared snow. Vetch collapsed in sympathy. Umbar, approaching alone from the west, did his best to dissolve the tense situation but found the Nari rangers uncharacteristically hostile. Even when he pleaded that he and his companions were only in the area to aid the Nari (casting forth the pirate captain’s decapitated head as proof of their benevolent intentions) the rangers remained wary.

A’ari, who had been sleeping in the original campsite for the duration of the fray, was stirred by the elder of the rangers, but met the Nari’s pointed spear with nought but a prayer and a display of the Mathuin holy sigil. This bought some reprieve from the Nari enmity and the adventurers were permitted to tell their tale and render aid to their injured. Ultimately the Nari were convinced and decided to bring the party of misfits to their community, Seyoke.

The short journey to the Nari village was interrupted by a gigantic, and thankfully distant, frost giant. The ground trembled beneath the behemoth’s stride and a few moments of silent terror passed between the traveling party but eventually the giant moved on.

In the battle-hardened village of Seyoke the group were treated at first as prisoners, but once the local elders had been informed of the situation and shown the pirate map of other Nari settlements as proof, the party were grudgingly accepted as guests.

For two days the adventurers made themselves at home in Seyoke, resting, recuperating and consolidating the experiences of a frantic week past. Here they also made the acquaintance of a jovial, brash and corpulent magician called Aaaz. Aaaz had travelled to Seyoke with a Satyr friend and long since overstayed his welcome as a visiting ornithologist.

As the Nari reception towards the foreigners grew frostier by the day, it was decided to take leave of Seyoke and head south for Pincers Cove. The elders were taking upon themselves the matter of alerting the other Nari tribes of impending Tanarikin attacks, but asked if the party could investigate the source of the antagonism that seemed to stem from Renstake. Umbar, though hurt by the xenophobic reception of the Seyoke, agreed to the request.

Three days of southward travel passed uneventfully and a rejuvenated band of adventurers were soon in the presence of the Reinstihl mansion once more. I’aeia had insisted on returning to the corrupted manor and completing the mission for the villagers of Pincers Cove (purely for monetary reasons in his case), but the others were largely in agreement. Vetch the Kobold had reached the end of his tether many days prior however and decided that his days of adventuring were behind him. He was charged with escorting Sigrid to the village and hastily departed from the estate.

Before entering the manorhouse the group paid a visit to Daysun the Nari farmer. The Nari was elated to see the adventurers and Cale was similarly delighted to find his draughthorse Firemane in Daysun’s care. Ciders were shared before the heroes ventured forth to the mansion to complete that what was begun a week passed.

Great care was taken as the group re-entered the evil ruin, for a despicable presence still pervaded the dilapidated corridors and weather-torn rooms. After some minor ransacking of their own in the mansions study and library, the party’s attention was drawn to the approach of a horse-drawn cart through the gate at the front of the Reinstihl estate. It was Magidar, a merchant of Pincers Cove and a member of the villages council which hired the adventurers to clear the mansion. He was understandably nervous in the presence of the house but said he had merely come to investigate the apparent disappearance of the group. Satisfied in his discovery he made haste to leave the place. Curious as to the merchant’s true intention, A’ari cast a spell upon the man to reveal his purpose, and found a wicked aura about him. Confused, but with urgent matters before them, the group continued through the manor.

In a large living room a sinister painting depicting a pair of sleeping young girls instilled a disquieting sense of fear into the group. Umbar fired a flaming arrow into the painting and the missile seemed to merge with the picture, striking into a chair within the painting itself. One of the girls woke, smiled and ran from the frame. When A’ari approached, invoking a Mathuin mantra to exorcise the picture of demons, the second girl reached forth and attacked. The adventurers drew blades and spellbooks and fended for their lives against the malicious spirit as it poured forth from the painting and took on corporeal form. Now accustomed to attacking as a unit, the adventurers soon prevailed over the demonchild, and shortly after the battle found a trigger for a secret staircase that plunged into the dark cellar.
03 - The Sea Ghost
A smuggling operation is revealed beneath the demon-plagued mansion

A ship’s log was the only thing of importance to be found in the room, further hinting at a smuggling operation based in or around the mansion. Satisfied with their rifling, the party turned their attention to other matters. While Cale stood guard in the mess hall, Umbar and Vetch sniffed around the barred door marked ‘Danger!’, only to be met with a foul and rotten stench. Meanwhile, A’ari persisted in his search for the person behind the sounds he heard from the adjacent cellar, eventually locating another hidden door in a corner of the room.

Beyond the unveiled portal washed in a fresh sea-breeze and though the way was dark, a few jagged, stone steps descended to a sandy floor. Feeling they were hot on the trail of the escapee the adventurers pushed on with haste, but were ambushed by a pair of Tanarikin. Cale was immediately run-through with a spear, leaving the Satyr cleric to face off with one of the heathen savages while Vetch and I’aeia met with the other.

The battle was short and brutal but ultimately successful. As the group dusted themselves off and prepared to deliver aid to the badly injured knight though, a hypnotic voice came from the dark and a tall, slender human walked in calmly and persuaded them all to sit and allow themselves to be bound by his approaching brigands. No-one had the willpower to resist the magician’s curiously intoxicating request and the adventurers were captured. Hands behind backs, wrists tied with stout rope, the despondent prisoners were escorted to a holding cave.

Caught in a seemingly inescapable predicament, it was with astounding courage/insanity that the group sprang into action at first opportunity. The two guards who’d been ordered to watch over the interlopers soon took it upon themselves to ransack the party’s accoutrements, giving Umbar the narrowest opportunity to strike while a guard was within goring distance. And gore he did! Warm, viscous blood gushed in torrents down Umbar’s right horn, coating the Nari in horrifying war-paint. I’aeia (always up for a piece of crazy) joined in the fray and barrelled into the second guard, sending him sprawling over the barely conscious lump of Cale. Vetch, inspired with stupidity, leapt backwards across the room and landed with his wrists upon the unsheathed cutlass of the fallen guard. When the guard tore his blade from the kobold he did nought but sever Vetch’s hempen shackles, freeing the Geomancer!

As the guard’s tried to organise themselves to retaliate, Vetch dove to unbind Umbar. A’ari sprang like a triggered rat-trap from his prone position and hoofed the already punctured guard clean in the forehead, sending him reeling. I’aeia flailed his legs in a haphazard attack and managed to inflict some damage on the less-wounded smuggler, but with reinforcements fast approaching, things were looking bleak for our heroes. One by one they fell and though it was a close thing, the smugglers and their sorcerous leader had the day, eventually containing the valiant party.

It was in the cramped, stinking bilge of The Sea Ghost that Cale finally awoke. His companions lay battered and unconscious about him and his situation seemed most dire. Despite this, he found energy to escape his bonds somewhat, to the extent that his manacled hands were before him rather than behind and that he was untethered to anything else. As he set about affording the same accommodation to his companions, Umbar stirred.

For two days the pair sat in their stinking cell, surrounded by rancid seawater and human filth. Cale was a coiled spring of rage, his dignity utterly besmirched but the Nari insisted on patience, believing their current situation truly inescapable.

After two days, an authoritative voice ordered for the prisoners to be brought on deck and washed down in preparation for their sale to the Tanarikin. This was the first time Vetch, A’ari and I’aeia had been roused in almost fifty hours but still there seemed no opportunity to escape. After being violently hosed down the group were bound together to the mast on the cargo deck.
The enslaved party were left mostly alone and were able to finally discuss their frugal options, but fate soon intervened and presented only one.

Two intoxicated smugglers swaggered across the cargo hold and to the door of the bosun, requesting the company of his personal prisoner, a young human girl. Successful in their bid, they hauled their borrowed treasure back to their quarters. As they passed the group, Cale called forth a warning; if they meant harm upon the girl he would end them. One of the mariners was unable to contain his conceit and leant in close to spit in the Scourge’s face. Cale immediately head-butted his assailant, killing him instantly, while in tandem A’ari Commanded¬ the other smuggler to leave.

The girl was quickly summoned to unbind the prisoners, which she was able to do with a smuggler’s blade in short time. A sliver of opportunity had presented itself and the group reacted instinctively to exploit it for all it was worth. But the party was unequipped and badly injured; their spellcasters couldn’t cast spells and their warriors could barely stand…

A storm rolled in.

Umbar charged from the mast, stole two longswords from a shipping container and proceeded to hammer one with the other to jam the bosun’s door.

A’ari and Cale grabbed blades and made for the crew-quarters, knowing the Cleric’s spell would already be broken and the men would be on the attack in seconds.

Vetch searched the body of the dead smuggler and purloined a pair of gems. Precious fuel for his geomancery.

I’aeia stood bewildered and confused.

The cleric and the knight felled the first smuggler as he came through the door, then they charged into the room, upended a table and used it to pin another two scurrilous brigands to the wall. A furious, cramped melee erupted and the upperhand chaotically flitted between combatants until finally A’ari and Cale proved victorious.

Umbar enlisted I’aeia’s aid to further secure the bosun’s door and the bard became acutely aware of another issue at hand. With Cale and A’ari violently picking-off the crew, who was left to man the ship in these stormswept seas?

Screams for “All hands on deck!” had gone unheralded and the captain himself came below to investigate. Umbar explained the situation calmly, confident in his assumption that the skipper now needed his prisoners aid to see his ship through the storm. The captain agreed, but insisted that his bosun must also be summoned to help.

No sooner had the bosun been freed that the captain turned and attacked his prisoners! It seemed too great a fight to win but Cale and A’ari were quick to join the fray.

In the tight and turbulent cargo-hold the battle continued between the party, the captain and the bosun, but the good fate of Aos seemed squarely in the hands of the young adventurers and they were again triumphant. They hurriedly searched the bosun’s and the first mate’s rooms and found their equipment. Also, another container of weapons with a map of Nari settlements in the area..

Armed once again with spellbooks, holy symbols and good honest steel, the party boarded the deck. Four desperate sailors tried to tear down the main sail while the first-mate clung adamantly to The Sea Ghost’s tiller. Battling the storm seemed hopeless and the call to “Abandon Ship!” was hollered. The first mate screamed a truce to A’ari before hauling his men into a rowboat and leaving the second for the escaped prisoners. It took every ounce of mental and physical fortitude for the adventurers to battle through the storm in the small boat. Cale called for grit and determination in the face of relentless odds while Umbar bellowed his support. By the narrowest of margins the heroes made shore.

Hours later they set camp in the thick pine woods that stand in phalanx along the rugged Ul-Takran coast. Umbar confirmed his suspicions on their whereabouts and determined a path to the nearby Nari village of Seyoke to be taken the next morning. Utterly exhausted, lungs aflame, frozen and numb to the fire’s warmth, the young adventurers collapsed into sleep.

02 - The Reinstihl Mansion
The newly-formed party investigates a foreboding manorhouse outside Pincer's Cove

The mansionhouse sat heavily upon the brooding estate and the party warily investigated the perimeter. Everything about the place inspired dread and malevolence and when A’ari peered into the building with divine magic he was almost overwhelmed by the evil within. Meanwhile, Cale discovered a small gravestone near the manor which, judging by the dates, belonged to a child.

I’aeia wished to stakeout the mansion overnight and was preparing his best tree-disguise when the others intercepted and countermanded his intent, deeming it ridiculously perilous. With poor weather and Gatefall approaching, the group returned to Pincer’s Cove.

The Council of Pincer’s Cove met the adventurers and cemented their agreement with a signed document confirming payment for the clearing of the mansionhouse. Curator Helmsward granted each member of the party a vial of holy water and a blessing for the expedition, after which they returned to The Inn of the Shipwrecked Dawn.

In the tavern I’aeia resumed his pursuit of discourse with the mysterious Asura, who astonished the mad magician with insights into his disturbed psyche. The pair took a walk to Pincer’s Bluff and forged an agreement whereby the Asura would cure I’aeia of his malady for the gold earned in the mansion-job.

I’aeia had noticed a small cemetery along the walk and separated from the Asura so he could further investigate. Here he discovered a grave for each member of the alchemist’s family; the four killed in the mansionhouse twenty years prior.

During the conjurer’s absence, the others had revealed that the tombstone at the mansionhouse belonged only to the family dog.. one mystery solved at least.

Before departing the next morning the party wisely tried to find more information on the mansion house and the previous tenants by questioning the locals, though little additional information was forthcoming. A Nari farmer called Daysun, who owned an orchard neighbouring the Reinstihl Estate, confirmed the rumours of flashing lights and eerie sounds emanating from the manor at night. He also knew that many had come to cleanse or loot the mansion but he’d not seen any return. Daysun offered cider and the best of luck to the party and they set off.

At the steps of the mansion, Cale and A’ari called forth for evil to come meet them head on, but it seemed a fair fight was not on the cards. Trepidatiously the adventurers entered.

The interior of the dilapidated manor was no more inviting that the outside but with weapons drawn and torches flickering the party began their mission. At first things went well; Vetch and Cale had a penchant for treasure-finding and found hidden spoils in chimneys and under floorboards with ease. But distant ghoulish laughter, blood-ridden mushrooms and strangely shifting shadows reminded them that this would be no easy undertaking.

In a drawing room, as the party searched for further artefacts or clues, a giant centipede initiated a furious melee from it’s chimney-nest. The abomination tore Cale’s neck to bloodied shreds before being disposed of with skill belying the party’s experience.

When investigating a living room I’aeia noticed a sodden and bowed ceiling above, which he promptly went about collapsing with his very non-gay and highly utilitarian quarterstaff. Above came the shrieks of a madman, and Cale impressively hoisted Umbar up for a closer look. The man looked like a Renstake dockworker; malnourished, and in a severe state of distress. As Umbar lowered him down for aid, he lashed out and attacked, obviously possessed by demonic forces. Quick thinking put the adventurers on top of the conflict, and A’ari and Vetch immediately doused the man in Helmsward’s Holy Water, destroying the creature. At first the party thought perhaps the wickedness of the house had now been dealt with, but a further scan revealed evil still present.

Upon the man’s person they found a piece of parchment with instructions or code scrawled upon it in Baat. Intrigue was raised and theories spoken but nothing certain was gleaned.

Another possessed corpse waited in the dining room, but again the party was prepared and wily enough avoid combat, ridding the body of evil before it had chance to attack. Still the malicious presence persisted.

At the rear of the house, in a scullery, the adventurers found a stairwell leading down into a cellar. The first footfall on the highest step initiated a terrible shriek as if from a tortured woman below, but when the same exact sound rose a second time the party became suspicious and deduced it was an illusory effect… though for what reason seemed unsure.

In the large cellar below they found a knight’s armoured corpse, ridden with rot-grubs that were narrowly avoided, but at least uncontaminated with spirits. A’ari was drawn to the rear wall, having heard shuffling sounds previously, and searched for a secret passage. A gentle push and a hidden door unlatched and opened revealing a larger cellar beyond, this one obviously still in use and recently occupied.

Inside the second cellar was a large dining table with candles still illuminating the half-eaten food upon it. Sleeping pallets for ten men lined the eastern wall while food and drink casks sat on the paved floor, yet no people remained within. A pair of doors angled into the room from the north-east corner, one unmarked, the other boarded up with “Danger!” painted upon it, again in Baat. Behind the plain door the group found the living quarters of a meticulously clean individual and immediately went about searching the meagre furnishings.

01 - Strangers Meet
Bloodvines, Kobolds & Pincer's Cove

In the foothills of the Realmheld Chain in the northern reaches of Ul-Takra, a snow-driven Nari shelter played host to five new acquaintances, soon to be friends. Outside, sleet broke through the sparse pine canopy and a frigid gale whipped through the needles, but the raucous laughter, healthy fire and scent of baking mushroom-bread within kept all notions of bitterness at bay.

The Nari scholar Umbar Blacktooth left the warm cabin briefly to relieve himself on a nearby cluster of Rainglows when the sound of rustling underbrush drove him into shadows. The perpetrator made itself visible only when approaching the shelter and knocking at the door. A stumpy figure it was, with arms upraised and swaying, seemingly carved of stone with large eyes of unblinking obsidian. Cale K’Sroth, the Scourge Knight, answered the door and did his best to interpret the flailing motions of the golem, but not til the Kobold, Vetch, spoke to it in it’s native tongue did the construct properly convey it’s concern. The golem’s owners had apparently run into trouble, falling from the steep, icy path to the northwest and toppling into a ravine. After some consternation, the group decided to gather their things and head into the night in search of the unfortunate Kobolds.

About 2 miles up the path the party discovered where the Kobolds had come to grief, and 40ft down a steep drop rested the remains of a small merchant wagon. No bodies could be seen, but Umbar thought he saw movement amongst the thorny vines that covered the base of the cliff, and though he raised his concerns to the others, Cale quickly tied off a rope and descended to the base.

Once amongst the menacing vegetation Cale fell under attack as the vines whipped forth, and in seconds his neck was left a jagged mess by the vicious tendrils. The Satyr Cleric, A’ari, was fast rappelling down the cliff-face but met a similar fate upon his arrival at the base, being quickly entwined by the vines. Next came the Human Illusionist, I’aeia, also soon to be grappled by the bloodthirsty trees. From above Vetch and Umbar hurled flaming torches but to little avail and for a brief time things looked dire for the heroes. In a rapid succession of small victories the tide was turned however. Cale’s longsword swung true, the cleric brandished fire, Umbar hurled rocks onto the wretched plants while I’aeia reigned down magical fists and Vetch hurled exploding stones into the fray. As quickly as it had begun, the fight was over, and attention was turned to finding the missing Kobolds.

In a disturbingly abhorrent display of bloodthirst, I’aeia fell upon the butchered trees and drank heavily of their ichor. He ignored the pleas of Vetch and the disgusted horror of his fellow adventurers, but was quickly thwarted by the Mathuin Cleric, who purified the blood with holy words. Shocked by the actions of the young prestidigitator, but with pressing matters to attend to, the group took in their surrounds and resumed the search for the Kobolds.

Noticing some of the trees which had attacked them had bulges in their trunks, the party decided to slice the plants open, and within they found three Kobolds, still alive but very much distressed and agitated. It became quickly apparent that a fourth member of their team, a merchant prince no less, was still missing, and the hunt continued. A trail led the group to a tiny cave and I’aeia immediately prodded the opening with his quarterstaff, assuming the prince had escaped to the cave. He was thus unprepared for the giant arctic spider which attacked with lightning speed from the fissure, piercing his stomach and laying him unconscious. Cale and the Kobold guard leaped forth to attack the abomination and after a brief skirmish the Scourge split the thing in twain. The guard was quick to retrieve the merchant prince from the cave, and Vetch was just as hasty to investigate the same cave for treasures, finding a small gold ring and small sum of loose coins.

The prince was still paralysed by the poison of the spider, but with the icy sleet beating down and the Kobold’s goods still scattered at the cliffs, a clear course of action was troubling to find. It was eventually agreed that A’ari, Cale, the Kobold guard and the prince would return to the shelter while the others retrieved the wagon and the fallen goods.

Later that evening the group was reunited at the Nari waystation. The prince was stirring from the spider’s toxin and soon causing malcontent amongst the group with his empiric disdain for his company. He was largely ignored by the adventurers, though his rudeness was dutifully noted. As they settled down for the night, setting watches to stand guard, Umbar mined the prince’s advisor for information regarding their culture, though the Kobold’s swift delivery of words made it hard for the Nari to retain much of what was spoken.

The next day was filled with travel. The wagon-turned-sled was dragged relentlessly by the golem with the Kobold prince nestled within in amongst blankets and pillows. When he did awake it seemed only to cast disparaging remarks at anyone in the vicinity, and by late afternoon the travellers grew tired of the company. Matters of etiquette were raised by the bard late in the day and in a heated dialogue it was agreed that the services of the hirelings were no longer required.

Along the rugged coastline, only a few miles north of the village of Pincer’s Cove, the party halted to look upon a decrepit mansion-house in an overgrown estate. The foreboding manor seemed to radiate an unpleasantness which raised the curiosity of some, though it was agreed that now was not the time to investigate and information about the house could be pursued later in the hamlet.

Pincer’s Cove was preparing for The First Dance, a festival marking the turning of the year and the beginning of Spring. A tastefully tacky themed-inn called The Shipwrecked Dawn stood proud at the centre of the village and the party bee-lined for it. Here they met the locals.

I’aeia pursued the friendship of an out-of-place Asuran man to the point of unconsciousness. Umbar befriended a fellow Nari wayfarer called Erathwada and heard tales of distant lands to the east. Vetch chatted briefly to the barman, Keg, before drinking heavily of Nari spirits and getting quite drunk. The others enquired after the ruined mansion-house and the village itself and even matters of Renstake and the Barony at large. They discovered much, and were intrigued by the tale of the mad alchemist who killed his family and himself twenty years past in the manor, which now lay deserted and shrouded in dark tales.

After a restful night sleeping in the Ship’s cabins, the party woke to the sound of a Nari tribesong approaching the village. Apparently the Naris had come to trade goods on the eve of The Dance, and an impromptu marketplace formed just outside the Shipwreck. A’ari, Vetch and Cale investigated the Nari wares while Umbar was approached by the hamlet’s ordaining minister, a Curatic priest called Helmsward. They discussed whether Umbar’s party were interested in investigating the mansion house on behalf of Pincer’s Cove and banishing any evil within. Umbar responded positively and the chuffed Curator departed to confer with his fellows.

The illusionist meanwhile was pursuing his own curious objectives. He repaired the Kobold wagon (the merchant prince and his entourage arriving at the inn last evening) and, while waiting for his work to be discovered, was tempted by the ripe, peachy rump of Cale’s warhorse… <ahem> With his razor he sliced at the horse, intent on supping from the wound but ‘Firemane’ was unimpressed and with a swift counter-hoof cracked three of I’aeia’s ribs.

When the Kobold Geomancer and bodyguard did arrive to check upon the wagon, they were most gracious of the illusionist’s repairs and rewarded him with three whole pieces of gold. The Geomancer even tended to I’aeia’s wounds, which some might argue was an awful lot more than he deserved.

At lunchtime, as The Gate reigned supreme in the clear sky above, the council of Pincer’s Cove met with the adventurers to gauge their mettle and ability. After some conversation and bargaining it was agreed that the party would make for the mansion and attempt to cleanse it of evil. While the relevant papers and signatures were made up, the group returned to the manorhouse for a brief afternoon reconnaissance, which ultimately confirmed that something wicked lurked in the dilapidated building and that the young heroes certainly had their work cut out for them.


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