Umbar Blacktooth

Aspiring Nari journalist and bard of the northern clans


With an air of hostility blanketing the Nari tribes that surround the ever-encroaching town of Renstake, Umbar has distanced himself from a seemingly inevitable conflict and decided to head directly for the Human township itself, curious as to the motivations of a people so spiritless and insensitive as to let greed alone guide them. His good friend, A’ari the Satyr, has joined him for the trip.

In Umbar’s youth on one of the many migrations of his pride he happened upon a ritual playing out in a large clearing of the forest. The youth of the tribe would climb a tall tower only to throw themselves from the top of it head first into the hard dirt. Those who died were tossed callously onto a smoldering pile of the youth before them left to burn and smoke while those that had survived the fall were forced to breath in deep the smoke of the dead before having their wounds tended. Umbar was unable to find any meaning in this savage practice and with out his elder he may have never known why the Lok’Tor dived to their death from that platform. The Lok’Tor, Umbar was told, believed that to be strong of body was to be weak of mind so those of a weaker cast were thrown onto the fires to burn their spirits from their flesh to share the bodies of the strong. Two souls, they said, one strong and one smart was the strength of the Lok’Tor. Warriors of the Lok’Tor could die twice, said the elder, once for each soul.

And in tale of the Lok’Tor Umbar’s love of culture was born.


Umbar Blacktooth

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