Lunatic Illusionist of Renstake


The mad mage’s ambitions have finally caught up with him. Drunk on the power of magic (and novice stuff at that) I’aeia has paid the price for dabbling in Blood, and has now lost his mind to his own illusions. Is he a Nari trapped in a Human body? Or a Human trapped in a Nari’s mind? Either way, he needs help. Thankfully he has the company of a kindly and nurturing Kobold who knows exactly how to wean him off the dark juju and promises to aid the search for his escaped memories.

I’aeia remembers little prior to stirring 4 days ago with a metallic taste in his mouth and a nefarious migraine in his noggin.. His Kobold merchant-friend Vetch was looking over him worriedly and his surroundings seemed to be those of a comforting Nari shelter. Since then he has traveled with Vetch to a couple of Nari communities seeking answers to his questions of misplaced identity, but to no avail. Vetch has agreed to aid I’aeia’s journey back to sanity in exchange for lodgings and guidance when they arrive in the illusionist’s hometown, Renstake. I’aeia has promised Vetch that he can stay with him at his home in town, but is quietly apprehensive about fulfilling his end of the deal, being as he can barely remember how to get to Renstake, let alone what to do when he gets there and if he even has a home.



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