Cale K'Sroth

Stoic Scourge footman of Lord Andar Swift


For many years Cale K’sroth was little more than his liege, Lord Andar Swift’s footman. Being rescued from a slaver caravan and also being a Scourge affords him no friends in a mostly human environment and for the last 10 years he has been scorned and shunned by all except Lord Swift, Swordmaster Charlaye and the 4 Stable boys Grunion, Peg, Will and Hunk. He has served his lord well this whole time and finds that the supposed virtues of knighthood are but a thin veneer of hollow courtesies and false panderings by a mostly impotent circle of knights whose time has either passed or have powerful names backed by empty treasuries.

One time whilst on a raiding foray into the highland passes he stood beside his lord as the other lesser knights fell one after the other and only when it came down to him and his lord was he instructed to pick up a sword, footman that he was. His years of tutelage (secretly with Swordmaster Charlaye) paid well for he was able to defend the severely wounded Swift for almost 30mins until reinforcements arrived. On that battle field Swift knighted him the Chamber Knight for his bravery and unfailing servitude and since then he has tried to always live with honour and serve his lord as a knight should do.

The scorn heaped upon him prior to being knighted has now been doubled by those around, they see him as nothing more than an upstart grabbing at the Lord’s domain but he knows his place is to serve his lord and protect him from those that would do him harm………

Cale K'Sroth

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