The Warden Lands

14 - A Brief Respite

An epilogue of sorts...

Like startled animals the people of Renstake crept beyond their barricaded doors and into the city streets. What had been comfortable and familiar just hours before was now alive with the aftershocks of violence. Nachtkreed bodies lay crumpled upon the cobblestones, either pin-cushioned with Nari arrows or posing with split wounds from heavy blades… All wide-eyed, mouths-gaping in their lifeless slumps… All bleeding out into the gutters…

The Woodwalkers (the Nari rangers responsible for the carnage) had disappeared with the night, leaving Lord Andar Swift and Caretaker Agven to try and allay the fears of the townsfolk. The people were suspicious, fearing the upheaval was the first strike of a terrible coup, but when the carcass of the slain Tanarri was dragged from the church, proof of villainy was confirmed..

The fate of the accused was yet to be decided and in the coming days Agven and Swift wrote an account of the turmoil and sent it to the throne of Norheim. While the city waited for a response from the King, Curatic clerics became the peacekeepers of Renstake and the people quickly returned to their busy lives.

For our brave heroes, a frantic month of adventuring had drawn to a close. To some this was a blessing, an opportunity to return to normality.

Vetch Au Ditre seized the chance to escape the swashbuckling lifestyle for good and immediately tasked himself with opening a tradestall for precious stones in Renstake’s markets. Though his contact base was small, his ambition more than made up for it. He hoped to cash-in on his newfound fame and turn it as quickly as possible into fortune.

A’ari Arayx began assisting Lychor with the rehabilitation of Rune Gulbrand. The Blood-crazed magician was brought to the attic-hideaway of Eriam, who had turned the dilapidated loft into a secured hospice for her once-beloved, furnishing a bed alongside the comatose Nari, I’aeia. When not offering service to Lychor, A’ari spent his time establishing a small sanctuary for the Mathuin faith in the Poor Quarter. Agven quietly agreed to aid A’ari and provided funds to begin the operation, and though the Caretaker kept the transaction discreet, his latest sermons in his own church cast a favourable light on the faiths of the woodland folk.

The fires of vengeance in Umbar Blacktooth continued to smoulder in the days after Renstake’s revolution. He busied himself with his studies, writing detailed accounts of the events and even confronting his enemies face-to-face, interviewing the accused for his piece. Through these journals he found some sense of closure and “Renstakes are High: A beast’s account of treason” even gained some popularity in the pages of Academy Arcanum’s bi-monthly gazette. But the anger inside failed to diminish and the Nari retired from the city to seek quietude and reflection in his northern hometown, Sesquoi.

Akura “Yoshi” Zarakus had found a well-earned break from his travels and adventure was just what he needed. In the weeks after the capture of Margreeth and Sanbalat, the Asuran ranger had found time to return to his exercises, to concentrate his survival skills and to quench his thirst for knowledge at the Academy’s library. Renstake may have taken some time to grow on him, but the chaos of these humans was becoming increasingly engaging rather than infuriating, and their ability to adapt and persevere was simply astonishing. Yoshi found himself yearning for more culture and the sense of wanderlust came calling once more, but he had matters still to attend; the affairs and estate of his deceased cousin, Jai Oshimiru, needed to be similarly laid to rest. The ranger plotted a trip up to Pincer’s Cove and went in search of his companions to see who might accompany him.

Aaaz Donagson sought to gather a contingent of Kobolds and clear the Whitewater tunnels of their trollish inhabitants but Lord Swift argued that now was a time for calm in Renstake, effectively quashing the wizard’s ambition. His best friend Lychor was excessively engaged with either healing Rune Gulbrand or working on his thesis, and most everyone else was busy with their own business. This left little else to do but book-learning (a tedium Aaaz felt akin to watching mortar set) and after a fortnight of languishing in libraries and laboratories, the ornithologically-inclined magician pondered an expedition into the surrounding woodlands. He sought out Cale and Akura as companions… with remarkable timing it would seem.

Cale K’Sroth found himself in a similarly dull state of affairs. Lord Swift had been embroiled in Renstake’s political arena since the revolution and whether in his company or not the young knight found himself beleaguered with abundant, unexciting chores. Rather than be reduced to a page he filled the days with a focussed regime of training, either sparring with the young soldiers-to-be of the household or running drills with Firemane. After a month of this, Cale’s sense of duty and determination had been utterly placated and when Akura came knocking, seeking company on a trek to Pincer’s Cove, the Scourge was saddled-up before the Asura could finish.



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