The Warden Lands

06 - Traitors and Assassins

I'aeia turns on the party and the journey to Renstake begins

Night fell upon the hamlet of Pincers Cove and the heroes settled into their bunks at The Inn of the Shipwrecked Dawn, coughing, wheezing and spluttering. Vetch suffered a midnight visitation from a Blood-addled I’aeia, who crept into the Kobold’s cabin under the silent veil of magic. The mad conjurer rummaged through Vetch’s gear before fleeing, and though the others were quickly woken to pursue the mage, they could find no sign of him.

Vetch decided the next morning to accompany his friends to Renstake and take up the pursuit of I’aeia, as well as help return Sigrid Thorgerson to her family and deliver Helmsward’s scroll to Caretaker Agven. The party took up the road south.

A day’s travel brought them to the small township of Northrun, where they rudely interrupted a traditional tug-o-war between the farmers and the miners. Cale quickly went about smoothing over the situation as best he might, but the others were in no mood, or fit-state, for socialising and instead made preparations for the night’s accommodations.

That night four assassins encroached upon the tavern in which the heroes slept, seemingly hunting for Sigrid. A long and dangerous skirmish broke out in the town’s streets but eventually the adventurers pulled through, though no assassins were left to question and no clues were left to reveal their identity.



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